Our Services

Applied Behavior Analytic Therapy Services

Individualized, 1:1 therapy using evidence-based principles of behavior science to create positive behavior change and increase functional skills for home, school, and community settings 

Consultation Services

Consultative and collaborative services with therapeutic providers (e.g., speech and occupational therapists, pediatricians), other professionals (e.g., school and daycare personnel, foster care agencies), and community members who interact with individuals with behavior support needs 

Training Services

Training in applied behavior analysis principles, behavior management strategies, and behavior supports for organizations, community members, and other groups serving individuals with developmental disabilities and behavior challenges 

Caregiver Support Services

Training for caregivers in the principles and strategies of their child's treatment program, parent-led support groups (open to any caregiver of a child with developmental disabilities and/or behavior challenges, not just to those receiving other services from us!) 

Hours of Operation: 8am–5pm, Monday through Friday

Phone: (859) 445-3822

Email: admin@anchorbehaviortherapy.com

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